Hey, what about Leopard?

The Macworld Keynote is behind us, yea the iPhone looks pretty amazing, and AppleTV would be cool in my living room, but I was more interested in Leopard, where was it?!Beside the expected final knock-out to Vista, and the GUI evolution that was not yet revealed, I was betting on some virtualization capabilities in the OS level – being able to run exe natively, something that will push the competition with PC’s to a different era.There is no doubt that the Apple hardware products are a phenomenal success, but without the OS edge it will not take too long for the competitive market to match and fill the gap. Beside, as a Mac user I am expecting more than what is showcased in the ‘Leopard Sneak Peek’, everything should be better, every detail, for example, before blowing our icons to enormous 512 pixel make them dynamic – why is iCal stuck on July 17th?!

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