The iTunes clutter and users perception

Sometimes companies let technical considerations affect their product strategy in a bad way, allowing “practical” point of view override the “user” point of view. Startups often say “our technology does X, this can be interpreted into several actions, let’s wrap them together to make a bigger offering while keeping small resources and requirements on our […]

SWX PHP – takes only 3 minutes to set up

I am working on a new project that requires serverside development, using Apache, MySQL and PHP. However I didn’t want to change my current personal webserver configuration – the one that comes with OS X, and I remembered my friend Eran’s tip about MAMP – an independent standalone webserver, but never got to download it.Then, […]

Porting app to Mac – mash native services

Scott Stevenson of Thecacao has a great point differentiating cross platform applications and native mac applications, another basic difference in the user experience between ported apps and native Mac apps is that Mac native applications enjoy core services such as Dictionary-Thesaurus, Speller, etc.. I rely on those services, and the consistency in keyboard shortcuts they […]