Create a slick portfolio website – see how! A new service for professional photographers, create your own portfolio website, super slick and elegant. Another super cool feature are the private client galleries, upload low-res photos, send your client a secured link to proof, select or share with their friends and family. Take a look!

The iTunes clutter and users perception

Sometimes companies let technical considerations affect their product strategy in a bad way, allowing “practical” point of view override the “user” point of view. Startups often say “our technology does X, this can be interpreted into several actions, let’s wrap them together to make a bigger offering while keeping small resources and requirements on our […]

Flash, a dominant video platform

The last Adobe Flash Player update, (Aug 21, codenamed “Moviestar”) integrates H.264 video and High Efficiency AAC audio codecs, as well as multi core support and full screen mode with hardware scaling.So flash will soon deliver HD quality videos, good news : )Flash is probably the best video platform today, as it combines the customizable […]

Porting app to Mac – mash native services

Scott Stevenson of Thecacao has a great point differentiating cross platform applications and native mac applications, another basic difference in the user experience between ported apps and native Mac apps is that Mac native applications enjoy core services such as Dictionary-Thesaurus, Speller, etc.. I rely on those services, and the consistency in keyboard shortcuts they […]

Apollo this is earth, do you read?

Eric Dolecki wrote an inspiring post about “what Apollo might bring“, I must admit I share his excitement, I witnessed Flash evolve from a graphics and animation oriented application into a global standard RIA platform, empowering new approaches to User Interface, and changing the web application experience. Apollo is a cross-OS runtime that allows developers […]