Mysterious voodoo phenomenon with eclipse line numbers

Working with a second monitor in Flashbuilder4 on MacOS 10.6 Snow Leopard, I noticed that the line numbers weren’t scrolling along with the page, after a quick googling I found it is a known bug (here) and that there is a patch (here) that fixes it.
So I tried it – replaced the existing .jar file with the patched one I downloaded, run Flashbuilder in “clean” but it didn’t start, reported some error. after few attempts I decided to leave this for now as I am in the middle of a project. Sadly I rolled back to the original .jar and restarted Flashbuilder just to find out that now it works!

Could it have to do with the song I was listening to (‘Voodoo child’ by Jimi Hendrix)??

Update: Nope. stopped scrolling again :(

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