Hi, my name is Adi.
I have over 15 years of experience in the web design & development industry but I still can’t find a proper title for what I do. Basically I do all kind of cool stuff, mainly with Flash. From financial charting systems, through interactive TV/VOD interfaces, flash badges and application embeds, and even few games and websites… I tasted almost everything ;)
Recent clients: MutualArt, ICQ/AOL, Easy-Forex, Microsoft R&D, OpenTV, Logia, and more.

About me
I come from Graphic Design background, studied Communication Design at HIT (Holon Institute of Technology, 1997-2001). As a student I was fascinated by the Timeline factor & User Interaction in digital interfaces (in contrary to the traditional static Print design) and my imagination was set free by Macromedia Flash (back then it was version 3, around 1998). I stopped designing for print, and all my academic projects and implementations from that point on were digital.

In 1999, I teamed up with Liat (Industrial designer, UI specialist) and Udi (Information Technology and Management), and together we founded a web design company. We developed CMS driven websites and specialized in Flash utilization.
After the company was acquired in 2003, I joined few other studios, giving art direction and some hands-on design work, making new friends and contacts, and got deeper and deeper into flash scripting and programming (at least from designer point of view).

In 2005 I established a new company – TODEPOINT, where my graphic design abilities and understanding of human factors become a special added value as a Flash programer, and my practical/technical knowledge affects and improves my designs, I somehow see both worlds.
In this blog I will try to reflect my unique point of view, somewhere between Flash developer and Web/GUI designer, covering my thoughts, struggles and discoveries.

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