Spend a night with Geni – a new Genealogy site

A new genealogy tree creation site has recently been launched, but this one Geni.com is really fun! without presumptuous features, the interface is made in Flash, so easy & strait forward that even my grandma can manage. Yesterday I sent my parents an invitation to see the tree I started, and this morning I saw a forest! this is so sticky, and the great part is that it bring your family closer, in contrary to all the trendy anonymous sharing communities this deals with your loved ones.I love the concept.
Look what my mom did!If you’re into Genealogy you should also check MyHeritage.com, though Safari browsers are not welcomed, it is well worth launching Firefox to find out you look like Fox Mulder…

2 thoughts on “Spend a night with Geni – a new Genealogy site”

  1. You can recognize a “hit” when you see it. And Geni is surely a hit!
    As you said, anyone can use it. I entered “just to check” and found myself building my family tree – it’s easy, it’s fun, it’s great!
    I checked “My Heritage” either, and must say – this is the ultimate proof that the user experience is IT – My Heritage offers a lot of great features, options, and stuff, but it does too much… I couldn’t find my way in it (and I’m a heavy internet user) – it requires too much energy from the user – I gave it up.

  2. Kincafe much like geni

    It was a great experience for me to have something like geni. I found it extremely useful for making a family tree.

    But i would like to add something which is much like a geni, its Kincafe.

    I would like you to particpate in beta release of Kincafe and provide feedback at andy@kincafe.com


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