Hi, my name is Adi.
[ My blog - Product, UI/UX, Programming, and all that's in between ]
Online/digital Designer for over 14 years, always seeking simplicity, keeping it clean.
Beside UI/UX consulting I also design and code. I have lots of experience with Flash.
Most of my projects are really cool and pretty, as my clients are focusing on their users experience, the way it looks and feels.
Recent clients: Verifone, Microsoft R&D, ooVoo, Appsfire, Style Coalition, Amdocs, MutualArt, Easy-Forex, Unicell, ICQ/AOL, OpenTV, Logia, and few more.
You too can hire me, drop me an email
Been keeping me busy:
@2014 : Totango » Lead Product & UX
@2013 : MyHeritage » Product Manager
@2012 : Pairhaps » Founder
@2009 : MutualArt » VP. Product
@2005 : Freelance » UI/UX Consultant, Designer, Flash specialist
@2004 : Puzzlehead » Art director, Studio Manager
@1999 : In-slide » Co-founder, Head of Projects & Design
Some projects:
ooVoo for Mac redesign
Reinventing MutualArt.com
Streetunes badge goes interactive
Backups made easy