Create a slick portfolio website – see how! A new service for professional photographers, create your own portfolio website, super slick and elegant. Another super cool feature are the private client galleries, upload low-res photos, send your client a secured link to proof, select or share with their friends and family. Take a look!

Glossy buttons in pure as3 code

I’ve been playing with the drawing classes, experimenting gradients and blending modes, and so I put together a small (basic) as3 class that generates a glossy button with pure code – no library assets. You can download the class here. The class constructor expects only 3 parameters: @param rad = Width of button @param darkColor […]

New year upgrades

After many troubles with my (old) hosting provider, along with the new year I finally moved to a new one, hopefully no more down times and mail issues..I grabbed the opportunity and also upgraded the blog’s WordPress to the latest version, and customized a K2 theme to fit my orange look (this is really simple, K2 supports customized style […]

Sony Bravia has a great 3D interface in flash

Sony Bravia new site ( is a great example of 3D navigation system in flash, bringing a new and fresh feel to site navigation, worth the long loading. Using keyboard arrows is so easy and intuitive for controlling the 3D menu, it’s a shame the actual sections content is not arranged for keyboard control and […]

I did not read Nielsen’s latest book, not sure I want to.

Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror extracts from Jacob Nielsen’s latest book Prioritizing Web Usability, it is interesting how flash is still listed as a problem, a “two skulls” problem! this comes out in 2007?I respect Jacob Nielsen very much, though he is a problematic card to use with clients, as it tend to explode in […]

Adobe Kuler – color schemes made cooler

For those who are not subscribed to the Adobe Edge newsletter, Adobe recently released Kuler – a really cool free on-line platform for creating & sharing Color schemes.Creating the color schemes is really easy & fun, colors can be defined in RGB, CMYK, LAB, HEX, making it applicable to all kind of implementation. Kuler provides […]

The Venice Project Interface oddities – a quick review

Before commenting about the interface I must say that the Venice Project client has very good table manners and generally behaves very nice, before installing it checks your hardware and informs you if your computer meets the requirements, uninstalling is also a breeze, very nice guys. Also, the video quality is pretty amazing, especially when […]