Porting app to Mac – mash native services

Scott Stevenson of Thecacao has a great point differentiating cross platform applications and native mac applications, another basic difference in the user experience between ported apps and native Mac apps is that Mac native applications enjoy core services such as Dictionary-Thesaurus, Speller, etc.. I rely on those services, and the consistency in keyboard shortcuts they bring to my working environment.For example take a look at Photoshop CS3 beta for Mac – it has a built in speller, the interface is primitive and not really attractive compared to the advanced docked palettes (see cap), surely less intuitive than the OS native speller.
confusing interface – what was checked? is that correct?
primitive interface – so many buttons, the default button is not aplying the change!
the good familiar mac dictionary – even look nice..
Skype provides the native mac Speller and Dictionary services, Firefox (and Camino) has no speller nor dictionary :(
Applications well ported to Mac should respect user habits, unless they really upgrade or improve the native OS service – they should not confuse the user by not providing those services or providing poor alternatives, for me it is not that different than the ability to copy & paste from one app to another.

What’s your Bookmarks system?

One of the interesting differences between people is how they organize their bookmarks – I have a folder based system for my bookmarks, sorted by activities (see my example cap) I find this system fairly intuitive for adding new bookmarks and also finding it later, but I guess you couldn’t as it’s very subjective.bookmarks.gif
My friend Amit has a never-ending single-level list of bookmarks (yea, I know, he’s using a PC, he calls it “Favorites”), he doesn’t mind scrolling up & down as long as he is not dealing with folders and names. I can respect that, though probably could never get used to it myself. This kind of system relies on your memory & is somehow closer to the History, since we (well, at least me) can’t remember over a week back of browsing, it is very limited. My system is closer to categorizing or tagging, yet much simpler than del.icio.us tagging system, one thing I know for sure – my system requires maintenance, Amit’s not..Speaking of del.icio.us, two things bother me with their service:1) wouldn’t it be cooler if the submission interface was a small rectangle hovering over a portion of the page, instead of wasting time and loading the submission page and then reloading the original page back?2) there is no way to efficiently search through someone’s bookmarks, I find it annoying searching through tag clouds for something specific, its more of a statistic highlight view, especially when that someone has many many bookmarks and tags.