Client ooVoo
Medium Desktop, Mac
Date June 2012
Description Worked with ooVoo team to define the user experience for Mac users and to design the Mac client. such a sweet project.
Categories UX + Design
URL oovoo.com


Client Amdocs
Medium Web
Date Apr 2011
Description Slick online presentation, the navigation is based on sliding, similar to the iPhone behavior.
Categories Flash programing, design


Client BabyFirstTV
Medium Web
Date Oct 2010
Description Worked with BabyFirst team to program the client-side activities and medias manager for the BabyFistTV online platform. Advanced server communication, external medias management, statistic tracing.
Categories Flash programing
URL babyfirsttv.com

Easy-forex Trade Machine

Client Easy-forex Technologies Ltd.
Medium Web
Date Apr 2008
Description Worked with easy-forex R&D team to develop client side flash interface elements such as real time financial charts, gauges, and advanced controls.
Categories Flash programing, Design, API definitions
URL easy-forex site


Client MutualArt.com
Medium Web
Date 2008 – 2009
Description I joined the MutualArt team at 2008 as VP Product, to define and develop MutualArt.com, a project I finished by the end of 2009.
Categories Product management, GUI design, Art Direction
URL Mutualart.com

NICE Inform

Client NICE Systems
Medium Web application
Date Feb 2005
Description Art direction for Puzzlehead, designed the web based interface for the Nice Inform product family. I remember that the inspiration for the color scheme was a car I saw on my way to the studio.
Categories GUI design, Art Direction


Client OpenTV
Medium Web
Date Aug 2008
Description Design and production of a flash based portal with dynamic skins ability
Categories Flash programing, Design

Save The World

Client In-Slide
Medium Web
Date Jan 2003
Description Flash game as part of In-Slide’s promotions
Categories Web design, Flash programing
URL Save The World