Analytical power and respecting visitors’ privacy

Almost all websites use some sort of Traffic Analytics, Google Analytics is used by 54.7% of all websites, according to w3techs.
Using an external analytics service to collect and parse website’s visitors data is the simplest and fastest way, however, it comes with a price since the website owner has no control of the scope of data collected, and how it is processed.

Is the price too high?

The direct price on the website is:
Performance: Loading the Google Analytics script directly impacts the website performance.
Legal: Google Analytics is using tracking cookies and requires consent popups, affecting the website’s first impression and natural navigational flow.
Ethical: Compromising my website’s visitors privacy in order to maintain analytical power is plain wrong.

Bablab is a great example: the traffic analytics solution is non-intrusive, not using cookies.

Read more in the Bablog:

Creating a Gallery page in a minute and a half – Bablab

Creating a gallery page in a minute and a half :

Try now – 14 days trial is free:

Bablab is a centralized platform for Photographers and Artists to manage their online presence.
Public Portfolio Website – Presenting your work to prospect clients.
Customize your portfolio to showcase your work in a beautiful and unique way. It’s also fully responsive, so it looks great on all the latest devices.

Private Client Galleries – Communicating your work with existing clients.
Get clients selections, allow clients to share & invite guests to view the gallery.

Each has it’s own requirements and functionality, but both represent you.
Our focus is keeping it all simple and efficient, so you can focus on your work.

Create a slick portfolio website – see how!

Portfolio Website at A new service for professional photographers, create your own portfolio website, super slick and elegant.

Another super cool feature are the private client galleries, upload low-res photos, send your client a secured link to proof, select or share with their friends and family.

Take a look!

The dark side of the moon

Started working on a new & interesting project for Microsoft’s Innovation Lab, can’t disclose any details, but I can say it’s pretty exciting.
So now I can play with all the coolest gadgets scattered around the lab, drink as much coke as I want, and best, show-off the shiny blue apple on my Mac to all the poor guys here with their industrial-black-plastic-laptops.. :)
Microsoft Innovation Lab

Profyler – profile image creation app

Many people are having troubles resizing and processing pictures into a profile image (say for Facebook?), there are countless free utilities and apps out there (most of them look pretty shitty..), and also several online services, and now there is another one – mine :)


It’s a flash application that enables you to scale and process an image from your computer, and when you’re happy with it, you can save it to your computer. The application does not communicate with external servers and does not save or send any data anywhere.

As always, it’s a work in progress, I will be adding features and effects as time allows me, but it is fully functional right now. So go a head, give it a shot and create your own profile image, it’s really easy and fast.
Don’t forget to let me know if you liked it!
enjoy :)

This is the public link of this application, in case you want to share it:

* I will be writing some more soon, describing several aspects of making this application, stay tuned.

K2 – Cool rich interface yet browsers compatible

I am very happy with the K2 wordpress theme (you’re watching it right now), beside having some pretty amazing browsing enhancements (I did not enable them yet, features like search results that appear as you type your search phrase, timeline view of your posts) it also has a very nice and intuitive sidebar manager, that allows you to write and manage the widgets and snippets in your side bar.
You can edit, rearrange them by dragging – works the same on all browsers! that’s pretty cool.


WordPress blog in flash – in SWX contest

I was going through the SWX PHP contest entries, and was so happy to find an entry under the API category for the WordPress platform by Benjamin Wiederkehr, it is something I was considering to do my self ; ), and can be really handy for small personal sites or blogs that prefer a customized experience over the standard Html themes – portfolios, galleries, open for commenting – you see the potential..These APIs are best demonstrating the power of SWX, allowing us – flash programers to expand our possibilities and offering without messing with server-side too much – just what Aral was talking

Cool recycled MacbookPro stand, do it your self!

Few days ago my good old 17″ Studio Display monitor died after almost 9 years of devoted service. It’s been about two years that my main computer is a MacBookPro, and the old G4 is nothing more than a file server & itunes jukebox.One thing that I wanted to change for a long time is the angle of the display when I am working with my portable Mac on a table. There are few professional solutions out there, mostly by Griffin, but I wanted something more practical, and yes, cheeper..Here I saw an opportunity – the cool stand from the CRT display, that was never equaled in any model by any brand (at least that I saw) can serve just this purpose, lifting the portable and making air flow easy for cooling the burning machine, tilt-able and even aesthetic.macbookpro_stand_1.jpgmacbookpro_stand_3.jpg
If you want to try this at home, here’s a little tip: after disassembling the stand from the old monitor, you should change the spring direction, to support the portable weight which has the opposite direction from the CRT. to do that, remove the center screw, and the screw that holds the spring, remove the white anchor, and rotate the top of the stand, front to back.Put the white anchor back, and now the string will be facing the other side of the stand.macbookpro_stand_4.jpg
Now hook the spring on the plastic handle. that’s it – you’re done.

Sony Bravia has a great 3D interface in flash

Sony Bravia new site ( is a great example of 3D navigation system in flash, bringing a new and fresh feel to site navigation, worth the long loading.
Using keyboard arrows is so easy and intuitive for controlling the 3D menu, it’s a shame the actual sections content is not arranged for keyboard control and requires “traditional” mouse interaction. But it is very cool eventhough.